The WebCam server for Windows

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NetSnap Desktop App

NetSnap is a feature rich utility that allows you to publish live images and video streams from Windows compatible cameras, capture cards, and IP cameras  over the Internet or local network. NetSnap features include:

Built in HTTP web server

The built in HTTP web server allows you to transmit live images to anywhere on the Web. You can include images on your web site pages or view them directly on pages hosted by NetSnap. This allows you to monitor locations remotely.

Video Recording

The video recording feature allows you to record video streams from the cameras for later review of activity. A configurable stream destination folder allows the use of external hard drives to record long periods of video history without affecting the internal drives storage capacity.

Static or Streaming video

Images may be served as live snapshots, or streaming video images.

Multiple Cameras

NetSnap supports multiple cameras allowing you to monitor multiple views of the same location, such as different rooms, work areas, building views, and so on.

Supports WDM or IP cameras

NetSnap supports standard WDM compliant windows compatible cameras (such as USB cameras, capture card connected cameras), or user definable IP cameras to be connected via internal LAN.

Point to Point design

NetSnap serves images directly to the browser, rather than through an intermediary cloud service. This keeps bandwidth requirements for NetSnap data to a minimum as during periods of no or low traffic there is no need for video and image data to be constantly uploaded to another server.

Lookup Server

NetSnap supports a lookup server mechanism which allows you to place live images on a web page without requiring fixed IP numbers for your server machine. LII provides a lookup server as a courtesy service to its registered clients.

Offline Image Referral

Instead of showing a broken image link, when NetSnap is turned off, or is not reachable online, a definable offline image can be displayed.

Time and Caption Stamp

Images may be stamped with the current time/date and a customizable caption allowing for identification of camera source and image time.

Configurable HTTP port

The HTTP port may be configured, permitting other hosts to coexist on the same network address.